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New Facebook Tools Help You Avoid Your Ex

Dealing with a breakup can be difficult and can take a toll on someone’s emotional state. One minute things are picture perfect and the next you find yourself alone without your significant other and have to adjust to being single.

 Social media can make things even harder, especially if you have to see your ex’s posts, pictures and have a constant reminder of what they are doing or hanging out with.

Facebook is changing the way we deal with breakups. The social networking site is trying out new tools with U.S. mobile users that give users more control of how they interact with their exes. Users can limit what information they see and what information their exes can see without unfriending them.

Once a user changes their relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single,” users are given the option to prevent their exes post from appearing in their newsfeed. Users can also access these features on the control center. Exes names will also not be suggested when users compose a message or want to tag a picture.

Aside from controlling what they see, users can also limit the information that their exes will see. Users can even untag themselves from posts that also include their exes.

Facebook’s Product Manager, Kelly Winters, said, “This work is part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who maybe going through difficult moments in their lives. We hope these tools will help people end relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control.”

These new changes can help users move on and focus on their well being without having to worry about what their exes are up to. It’s a surprise that Facebook didn’t roll out this feature years ago and save us from heartache.

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