Myspace Memories

Before  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter there was MySpace. At its height, MySpace was almost too addicting.  If one was not updating their profile, one was browsing through the bulletin board or changing their top 8. It has been years since we abandoned the site and moved on. Here are some MySpace features that are hard to forget.

  1. Updating your profile

MySpace allowed users to exhibit their html skills. MySpace allowed users to have a flashy profile that would take what seemed like ages to load. Users were able to change their profile background with different layouts, cursors, fonts, and colors.

  1. Notifications

There was nothing like login in and seeing a lot of notifications.

  1. Top Friends

There was a time when MySpace randomly selected friends who were displayed on user profiles.  MySpace then allowed users to select their Top 8, Top 12, or Top 16 friends. Changing your top friend led to friends complaining because they weren’t number 1 or because they got demoted in the top friends section.

  1. Bulletins

The Myspace bulletin board can be considered the predecessor to the Facebook Wall. Users were able to check what their friends were doing by browsing through the bulletin board.

  1. Mirror Pictures

Before selfies, people posted mirror pictures from their bathrooms.  

  1. Tom

Everyone remembers when Tom was their first friend.