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Moments When You Need To Cry It Out

As college students, we all feel like we’re on the verge of a mental breakdown all day everyday. When life just doesn’t go our way, if it is just the little things, from shows to movies to the little moments in life that just put tears in our eyes, we try to hold in our tears and crazyness. It’s time to just let go. If you want to cry or just can’t hold it in any longer, cry it out! 

Cry it out…

When your favorite show is over

Every Grey’s Anatomy episode

When you’ve been driving around the whole campus looking for parking​


When you fail your midterm/finals

When you haven’t slept because you were studying for your midterm/final

When You Have No More Alcohol 

*please drink responsibly*

When you’re hungry and your bestie buys you food

When you have no money in your account

When it’s the end of Selena, shes singning “Dreaming of you”, she doesn’t catch the rose, her family crys because she’s dying that makes you cry

When you’re on your period and everything makes you cry

When you get dumped

When you just can’t hold in the tears any longer 

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