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The Mission of Finding Parking at Cal State LA

If you attend Cal State L.A. you know how stressful the parking situation can be.  You are excited to get to class until you arrive in the overcrowded parking lots. Chances are you probably spent what felt like an eternity in your car looking for a spot. You try to be patient, but that patience is soon tested. If you have to go in what seems like endless circles to find parking you know these emotions.  


  1. All the cars and lack of parking makes you wish you would have left home sooner.
  1. You think you finally found a spot, and your heart gives a little leap of joy until you realize a small car is parked there.
  1. Finally, you see an empty spot…that is until another car beats you too it.
  1. You get mad because after buying a $90 parking pass, there is no parking.
  1. It finally hits you that you will make it late to class the first day of lecture and you will be that student that interrupts the class.

6. You feel like you might have a breakdown.

7. When you finally find a spot you feel like having a small celebration and you feel grateful to the person who gave you their spot.

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Cristina Galvan

Cal State LA

Cristina Galvan is a senior at Cal State LA. She is majoring in Television, Film and Media Studies with an option in Broadcast Journalism. When not working, or doing homework, she enjoys reading,spending time with her family, shopping and doing arts and crafts.
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