Michael Marto: President of Circle K International

1. What is your major?

Kinesiology and my end goal would be becoming a physical therapist. Working at a hospital would be plus too.

2. What got you interested in that major?

The fact that I got injured in sports constantly when I was younger, made  me want to be the person that an athlete would go to when injured.

3. Why did you choose Cal State LA?I honestly chose it because of the distance from my house (which is 20 minutes by car). I didn’t really know what I really wanted to do while I was applying.

4. How are you involved on campus?

I am president of Circle K International Club (a volunteer org) here at Cal State L.A. I also compete in the school's billiards tournament every quarter.

5. What clubs are you in and what position?Circle K International. I've been president there for 1 year.

6. Why are you interested in those clubs?I enjoy volunteering in the community and the friendships that I am able to make in the process. Also I have made many close friends with this club.

7. How long have you been doing community service for?Since high school so it has been about 7 years. I also sometimes volunteer outside of Circle K International.

8. Why do you like doing community service?There is always a sense of gratification after doing a lot of good work and for someone that needs my help for free. And it’s something to do while I have nothing to do on a weekend.

9. How do you balance your extra curricular activities with school?I usually split them apart throughout the day. School work going first, then the rest of the day is dedicated to Circle K. Also I treat C.K.I. as an another class that I'm taking.

10. What's the best part about being president of Circle K International?The best part of being president is being able to oversee the growth of the club. Another thing is I am also able to choose the specific volunteer event that we have and that makes it easier for me to choose an event that is easier for everyone.

11. What made you decide to be president?I wanted to become president ever since Key Club in high school because I knew it was a way for me to be more comfortable in front of people. I was not very an outspoken person and I knew this position would help me out.

12. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?Hopefully in 5 years I've graduated and am finishing graduate school. I also hope to be starting my career.

13. Any advice for those on how to balance their extra curriculum with school?Always have your school work a priority because without that there won’t be any school. And always treat the extra curriculum as a class where you set time for it.