Meet Car Enthusiast Jorge Trujillo

Name: Jorge Trujillo

Age: 25

Year: Super Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Relationship status: Taken

1. What made you decide to attend Cal State Los Angeles?

It was last minute and I went to New Mexico Tech for a year then I wanted to come back here because I was kind of homesick. I’m originally from here and when I came back, I found out Cal State L.A. was still accepting lower division students in 2009. And that was the last year that they did that!

2. What does your daily routine look like?

I go to work…I work at Pasadena City College as a college assistant for health sciences, then I go to school, hang out with friends, then maybe cruise with my girlfriend or the Auto Club guys. But I am free on Mondays!

3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself working at a company, saving money and buying a home. Before thinking of any other responsibilities, I want to have a job or make a down payment then eventually move to New Mexico.

4. What qualities do you look for in a significant other?

Mostly, they can’t take things too seriously. They need to be easy going be able to take a joke, but know when they need to get stuff done.

5.  Where is your favorite place in the city?

Up in the mountains! You aren’t near freeways and you just hear the wind. I would live up North, or even in Yosemite or Sequoia.

6. What hobbies do you have outside of your major?

Well there’s the Auto Club! I am a car enthusiast; I am also the Event Coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers. For that we try to empower women to prevent them from being under-represented. I also am into firearms. I built my own riffle and like to go to the shooting range.

7. Favorite artist? Why?

I don’t have an absolute favorite, but I would have to probably say I admire Queens of the Stone Age, and AFI when I was growing up. That was because no one sounded exactly like them.

8. Any pets? What kind?

My sister is studying to become a vet so we have a lot! We have 3 cats, 6 dogs, a pond with goldfish, a turtle, a bird, and a salt-water aquarium.

9. Something interesting about you?

I have a 2008 Honda Civic and I can beat anyone in the Auto Club up the mountain with it. However, as an Auto Club at Cal State L.A., we don’t promote racing at all.

10. Social media? What are your usernames and on where?

I have a Facebook, but I am not too big on social media.

11. Anything you want students to know at Cal State L.A.?

I am the President of the Auto Club on campus and we invite everyone to come out. It doesn’t matter what you drive; we just saw a lack of a car club so this is a place where people can come together and just hang out! We meet bi-weekly on Thursdays at 8pm in Lot 7. The next one will be on April 30th.