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The Makeup Collaboration You Need

Makeup lovers, if you haven’t heard of this collaboration yet, where have you been?! October 18th is going to be the last restock of the Desi x Katy collection with Dose of Colors! If you don’t know who these two makeup gurus are, Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot are two best friends who are killing the makeup industry with their YouTube videos. Here are some reasons why you should get something from their collection: 1. Unique eyeshadow pallets


This quad palette has the most unique shadows ever. With different reflects than the base color, your eyes will be on another level of bold. 2. High light for days


Their two shades: Mírame and Fuego are both packed with pigment that will transform you into a beacon of light. Fuego is for lighter skin tones while Mirame is for darker 3. Your perfect nude has been found

If you’re a person of color, you will feel me when I say finding the perfect nude lipstick is a  struggle. Thankfully your search for the perfect nude has been found. No Shade is a shade for lighter skin tones while More Creamer Please is a shade for darker skin tones.

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After taking four different MBTI tests, Christine is the definition of someone who is half ENFJ and ESFP (she got two for each type). With that being said, this clearly explains her major in Communications at Cal State LA. With a love for fashion and music, she's the type of person who will post #ootds and pictures of every concert she's at on her Instagram. Along with that, Christine has a horrible addiction with cupcakes and tattoos which will eventually be the death of her unless her parents figure out she already has more than one tattoo first.... Find out what she's up to by following her Instagram @christineetran
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