Keeping New Year Resolutions

Out with the 2014 and in with the 2015, which means, it the time of year to make a New Year resolution. The purpose of making a resolution is accomplishing your goals for the new year. However, making a New Year resolution can be hard to keep. Why? Usually, we start off with resolutions that are hard to keep like losing weight or study hard by breaking them without going into the 2nd resolution. By the end of January, your New Year resolutions are out of the window without accomplishing them. When you break your resolution it can be depressing and make you feel a failure.

There ways to keep your New Years resolution without making them difficult and keeps the focus to accomplishing your goals for 2015.

Make Them Simple and Realistic

Don’t get to carry away with impossible goals that can’t be kept. An example, losing five pounds in two weeks is impossible and unhealthy to accomplish. Why? It’s set on a certain timeframe that’s not realistic and you’ll set yourself up with failure. Keep it simple and realistic on what you want to accomplish for this year. Thinking something big can lead to disappointment.

Start With Small Resolutions

When writing resolutions we want to tackle the big things as a way to start the new year. So, start with small resolutions instead. Creating small resolutions helps focus on the important parts of the changes that could lead something bigger. For example, if you plan on eating less fat, focus learning different the difference between trans-fat and saturated fat or search for recipes that includes less fat.  Not only it focuses on the important changes, it create a boost of motivation to continue further into your New Year’s resolutions.

One Resolution at a Time

Time can be the downfall when trying to complete your resolutions all at once. When we start with our resolution, we want to complete everything off the list before the end of the month. That’s not always a good idea to rush very on the list as it can become overwhelming. Just take each resolution at a time and giving yourself enough time to complete your goal.  

Put In Some Challenging Resolutions

Having small New Year’s resolutions can it easier to cross them off your list, but including small vague resolution that doesn’t offer a challenge is another setback towards your goals. When making vague resolutions, those end up with to being weak resolutions that lead to failure. An example of a weak resolution: going to the gym. Be specific on your ambition for going to the gym by looking at the classes being offered or research classes outside the gym. When people set challenging resolutions, they tend to succeed more than those who set vague resolutions.

Do Your Resolution for You

Every resolution should start with a change that would make you feel good. Sometimes people will begin their resolution to impress or please everyone else. Impressing other people can cause stress and low self-esteem. Start your New Year resolutions that will make you feel good in your daily life. Begin the year by focusing you and no one else, when you do it for you 2015 can begin with a very good year without any doubt.   

Happy New Year!