Jasmine Salgado: Golden Eagle Radio Vice President

Television and Film major Jasmine Salgado has been making moves in Cal State LA’s media family! Don’t believe me? Her impressive resume includes involvement in Golden Eagle Radio (GER), the University Times, our very own Her Campus Cal State LA, the Communications Committee and the Environmental Policy Committee. And she’s only a sophomore! We spoke to Jasmine about why she chose Cal State LA and her Vice President position in GER. Read on to find out more!

What made you choose Cal State LA?

I chose to attend CSULA because it was one of the schools that not only offered the major i was interested in pursuing, but also a great path and resources to achieve it, and in a timely manner. 

How did you become involved with GER?

I heard about Golden Eagle Radio during Rush Week and seemed like such a fun way to become immersed in the culture and spirit of the school. It’s been a great learning experience and I'm glad I joined.

What are some of the duties that you have as GER VP?

My role as Vice President is to make sure things gets done.

What's your favorite part about living in Los Angeles?

I love the diversity of Los Angeles. There is so much diversity in the people, food, shopping, and entertainment. The only part of L.A. that is not diverse is the weather; it’s basically always sunny, but who can complain! 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself continuing to work in radio and hiking!