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HC Spring Survival Kit: The Essentials for an Awesome Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State LA chapter.

It’s the best time of the year: Spring Break! The Californian weather is at its best and we get to enjoy a wonderful week off before finishing off the year with spring quarter! We were so lucky to have Her Campus send us a Spring Break Survival kit with tons of goodies to share! We went around campus let students pick from our box of treats and let us know what was essential to survive Spring Break!


Our executive staff loved the Her Campus gear! One member, Roxanna, was thrilled to be able to “rep what she knows” when she goes back home! 

Caroline loved the wax strips from Completely Bare! She said “I’m the type of girl that keeps a million things in her purse! This is perfect to keep handy incase a friend needs one pronto! Not to mention that they are so easy to use!”

Jasmine couldn’t decide what she needed more: Not Your Mother’s shampoo and conditioner or the Sabre pepper gel! “I’m going on a camping trip during break so the size of this shampoo and conditioner is perfect,” she explained. But she found the pepper gel super useful, since she enjoys running in the morning. With Daylight Savings Time making the morning dark, she needs to carry the pepper gel in case of an emergency! 

Luna Bars were definitely on the mind of Campus Correspondent Angeline! “They are the perfect size for a snack on the go!” 

The Sabre Pepper Gel was a popular pick along with one other item: Chipotle BOGO coupons! “Spring Break definitely involves lots of food! I gotta feed myself at a delicious place like Chipotle,” said Maria.

Avid reader Albert agreed with Maria! “I’m excited to grab a friend and treat them to some Chipotle. It will be great to sit and catch up with them over the break!” 

And my essential of choice? New books from Simon & Schuster’s Taylor Bell and Shane Kuhn of course! Nothing screams Spring Break to me like sitting on the beach with some good reads! 

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors for these great essentials! 

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Yzzy Gonzalez

Cal State LA

Yzzy (real name Ysabel, for the record) is obsessed with a myriad of things, including Inception, traveling, Downtown LA, and laser tagging. Majoring in Television, Film and Media and a lover of creative writing, Yzzy is torn between visual storytelling and using a whole bunch of words. Twitter: @yzzygonzalez