Girl's Day in LA: Do it for the Gram

What do you get when you have two best friends who love to be “hip” and have a day off? You end up going on an adventure from Alhambra to Pasadena, and finally, Silver Lake. A week ago, Yzzy (our lovely HC Vice President), showed me this gorgeous mural in Silver Lake that Evelyn Leigh  had painted. Coincidentally, we happened to both be free which thus began one of our spontaneous girl’s day to find the mural! 

Although getting to the mural shown above was the ultimate goal of this adventure, I am a firm believer that it isn’t a girl’s day without food on the itinerary. One of our friends recently got hired at a new poke spot called, “PokeMix by Flour + Tea” in Pasadena so we decided it was the perfect time to stop by. 

Recently, poke has been dubbed the new ‘it’ thing to get in LA so both Yzzy and I like to call ourselves pretty seasoned poke tasters. This place definitely deserved its high spot on our poke list.

Once we were done with food, it was time to make our way to Silver Lake. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Silver Lake but, the definition of this place is every driver’s worst nightmare. With narrow streets and more hills than flat roads, trying to find this mural was an adventure within itself! After bumping into Casey, a local resident in Silver Lake who was nice enough to point us in the right direction, the quote, “do it for the gram” really came into play. Because we parked at the bottom of Swan Place Secret Stairway, we had a rough 200 or so steps to climb up to the actual mural. In the end, I would call this day a success because hey, we got our Instagram worthy pics and cardio for the day!

Check out the location “Swan Place Secret Stairway” to see more photos of the painted steps and murals that are a part of this Silver Lake gem!