Fundraiser Fun: #celebrateyourself with #HCSurvivalKits

Yes, it’s technically midterm season, but the Her Campus team is looking towards something a little more exciting: summer season! With a sure to be awesome summer quickly approaching, we want to get you in the spirit of happiness with #celebrateyourself!

But what does #celebrateyourself mean? Luckily we had the chance to find out! This week we had our first ever fundraiser at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. After decorating the place with pink and white polka dotted table clothes we asked attendees what it meant to celebrate yourself and gave them gifts from our #HCSurvivalKits that would help with that celebration!

One of our writers, Caroline, was celebrating her birthday week with her boyfriend Albert! The HC fundraiser was her first stop of the night before continuing to celebrate! Caroline is a few weeks from graduating so we also gave her a Chloe + Isabel GEM card, which gives her more information to be a GEM Merchandiser!

We gave writers Christina and Cristina and guest Albert ponchos and #WeAreUSA magazines from boohoo because they were being themselves, which is what the #WeAreUSA campaign is about! All three of them are also pretty fashionable, so keeping up with boohoo is something they could all look forward to!



Nico and Tony are two of our newest writers to the HC team, and both love to work out, so we gave them Crunch Live Free 30-Day Membership! They were also able to get tons of correct answers during our HC trivia quiz and won Chipotle BOGO Cards and Free Entrée Cards!

Writers Taylor and Roxy were celebrating de-stressing from midterms and work! After the fundraiser, they had plans to go bowling and loved the potential of quick accessorizing with Blink Tattoos!

Guest Crystal and Campus Correspondent Angeline loved everything that the #HCSurvivalKits had to offer! But what did they love the most? The books! Angeline went home with a postcard from Her Campus about their latest book, The Her Campus Guide to College Life, so she can order it later. Crystal picked up Nicole Lapin’s newest book RICH BITCH: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally to get that money advice every Collegiate needs!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the fundraiser and thank you to all the sponsors that made this version of #HCSurvivalKits happen! Check out more photos from the event below!