Escape Rooms And Why You Should Book One

If you’ve seen the trend “escape rooms” you’re probably wondering what exactly that entails. There are escape rooms all over the United States and even around the world! There are countless numbers of themes that can range from family-friendly, horror, intense, techy, and many more in between. An escape room is an interactive experience that requires about a range of 2-10 people (also depends on the room) and installs different sets of puzzles around the room you complete in order to escape out of the room. Escape rooms are just about for anyone, you don’t have to be “skilled” or “smart” to have fun. It mostly requires some critical thinking and thinking outside of the box. There are small clues that allows you to open locks, doors, or codes to get to the next clue or task. Escape rooms usually have a time limit of 60 minutes and if you do not escape within the time then you fail. Each room is unique and can include really cool puzzles and interactive tasks that are fun to complete. There are difficulty and escape room percentages that do play a big part because some can be extremely hard to complete. If you are a beginner it would not be wise to start on an expert room, and an expert should not pay for an easy room.

So far, I’ve done 8 escape rooms and have become obsessed! The rooms I’ve done have ranged from the secrets of the illuminati, insane asylum, a futuristic lab, a cannibalistic cabin in the woods, and a zombie lab. My favorite themes are horror themes, the detailed scary rooms that keep your adrenaline pumping. The group that I go with consist of basically family and friends and we’ve developed a system and work really well together. We’ve escaped almost all the rooms by only failing to escape one room. Each of member of my group think differently, and can complete different puzzles better than others. We all work together and can work alone too all in efforts to escape the room as a team.

Rooms can range from $15-$45, it just depends on which one you plan on booking. Some rooms will also promote sales or you can find many rooms on groupon (where we find most of ours).The more expensive ones are usually the best rooms but can also be more difficult. If you are a beginner it would be good to book a cheaper room and get the feel of trying an escape room (I promise you will love it). Then book more expensive escape rooms as you begin to find your “groove” and becoming comfortable in them. I do think it is better to have one group you constantly go with, it's not only a way to get closer to your friends or family, but you will begin to learn each person's strength and weaknesses in the rooms and figure out how each person is an asset to the team. It’s better to have a strong team that you know you can depend on to complete tasks and escape the room!

Each escape room is a different experience and are all fun in their own unique way. There are numerous locations in California and some of the best rooms can be found here in L.A! If you want to immerse yourself in a different world or place, get your brain thinking in ways that it hasn’t before, see another side of yourself you haven’t yet discovered, get closer to your friends or family, and get into the new trend, you should book an escape room ASAP. It does not matter who you are, how smart you are, and what you look like, an escape room can be fun to anyone who is interested and willing to take part of a team!

OR you could be like Conan trying his first escape room: