Emmanuel Solis: ASI Arts & Letters Rep

Reelected as ASI's Arts and Letters (A&L) Representative this school year, Emmanuel Solis shares his goals for the year as an A&L Rep, and reveals a hidden talent that his fellow Golden Eagles aren't aware of! With film as his major, he reveals a little insight as to how he got involved in ASI, and how it has inspired him to bring people together on campus. 

What's your major?

Telecommunications and Film

What do you do in ASI?

This is my second year, and I got reelected (as Arts and Letters Rep).  My main purpose in ASI is to help students and get involved in school so they know more opportunities about our college.

What's your favorite part about being involved in ASI?

Meeting new people.  I think that's one of the best things I like.  

What is your favorite ASI event?

La Finesse.

What is La Finesse and why do you like it?

La Finesse showcases everything about the Arts and Letters College.  Last year, we had a really great success.  We had a gallery exhibition outside, and this year we look forward to improve what we did last year.  

How did you get involved with ASI if you're a film major?

I remember I got involved as a volunteer, and from that point on, the A&L rep encouraged me to apply.

Are you invovled in any other orgs besides ASI?

Right now, not really.  I'm trying to balance out ASI and schoolwork and personal life.  But I'm trying my best.

What do you want to do with Telecommunications?

A lot.  My main goal is to produce my own movies.  I wanna base my movies on real stories to connect people through my work.

Aside from being involved on campus, is there anything you're involved with?

Actually, I play the electric guitar at my Church in a band.  So it's pretty awesome.  Each year, we have an annual event, so we have to perform specific songs and we get to travel.

What do you love about Cal State LA?

The opportunities of meeting new people.