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Easy DIY: Paracord Collar/Bracelet

Have you ever wanted a stylish yet sturdy collar for your dog? Paracord is a rope used in the military for parachutes because they are so strong. They are also used as survival bracelets for hikers. It’s a perfect material for a colorful dog collar or a bracelet for yourself!


  1. Paracord (Type 550)
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Lighter
  4. D-ring (only use if you are making a dog collar)
  5. Buckle
  6. Scissors

Up to two different colored paracords may be used.


  1. Measure your wrist or your dog’s neck. Remember, the ration is one inch to one foot.
  2. Cut the after measurements and use the lighter to burn the cords together. Carefully as it will be hot.
  3. Grab the buckle and place each ends of the chords through and tie. Then grab the other ends of the chords and place it through the other end of the buckle.
  4. Measure the length of the paracord to fit your wrist or your dog’s neck.
  5. Grab the right cord and place it behind the paracords. Then grab the right cord and place it under the paracords.
  6. Repeat the process until the end. Place the D-ring in between the cords if necessary.
  7. Cut off extra cords and burn them closed.
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Angelica Le

Cal State LA

Hey everyone! My name is Angelica or Angie for short. I am someone who is completely obsessed with DIYs, especially for gifts -- they are cheaper to put together than actually having to buy and they are creative as well. I also have an obsession for making wreaths and for almost every holiday. If I am not making wreaths, I will definitely be playing with my dog, Mikey. He is my everything. In my absolute free time, I love taking pictures and going hiking, especially with my baby boy, Mikey. 
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