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Easy DIY: Christmas Wreath


1.     Wreath frame (Pictured is 12 in.)

2.     Burlap (Pictured is 5 in x 20 ft long)

3.     Mini ornaments

4.     Bow

5.     Glue gun



1.     Grab the burlap and place it beneath the wreath frame.

2.     From above, pull the burlap through each wreath space.

3.     Grab them together and turn the wreath frame around then twist the burlap.

4.     Continue to do steps 2-3 over until finished.

5.     With the glue gun, glue on the bow and ornaments.

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Angelica Le

Cal State LA

Hey everyone! My name is Angelica or Angie for short. I am someone who is completely obsessed with DIYs, especially for gifts -- they are cheaper to put together than actually having to buy and they are creative as well. I also have an obsession for making wreaths and for almost every holiday. If I am not making wreaths, I will definitely be playing with my dog, Mikey. He is my everything. In my absolute free time, I love taking pictures and going hiking, especially with my baby boy, Mikey. 
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