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How many of you have always had trouble remembering what to do for certain classes? An agenda is feasible, but it rarely has any room for what needs to be written.

Well, here is a grand solution: a chalkboard notebook. Therefore, there will be no forgetting of anything. You can write whatever it is you want on the cover of your notebook per that subject to remind you of what is due.


1.     Notebook (I got a 5.75 x 9 in, but any size is fine.)

2.     Chalkboard paint (I got a 2 fl oz and had a lot left over.)

3.     Paint brush (I got a 1 in. brush, but depending on how big the notebook is, you may need to get a bigger one.)

4.     Plate (The plate is not necessary, but I used it to place my paint in.)

5.     Chalk (The chalk was just used to demonstrate.)


1.     Grab the chalkboard paint and pour some out onto a plate.

2.     Paint the entire notebook. You may want to do a second layer if necessary.

3.     Wait 30 or more minutes for the notebook to dry. The time to dry varies depending on the size of the notebook and how much paint was used.

You are all done. Now go and draw or write all over your new chalkboard notebook!

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Angelica Le

Cal State LA

Hey everyone! My name is Angelica or Angie for short. I am someone who is completely obsessed with DIYs, especially for gifts -- they are cheaper to put together than actually having to buy and they are creative as well. I also have an obsession for making wreaths and for almost every holiday. If I am not making wreaths, I will definitely be playing with my dog, Mikey. He is my everything. In my absolute free time, I love taking pictures and going hiking, especially with my baby boy, Mikey. 
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Yzzy Gonzalez

Cal State LA

Yzzy (real name Ysabel, for the record) is obsessed with a myriad of things, including Inception, traveling, Downtown LA, and laser tagging. Majoring in Television, Film and Media and a lover of creative writing, Yzzy is torn between visual storytelling and using a whole bunch of words. Twitter: @yzzygonzalez