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Daniel McDonald: Lion’s Club President


Daniel McDonald is not just an ordinary student at Cal State L.A.. From being involved in a Fire Fraternity, to studying for classes, he still manages to make time to give back to the community. Daniel is the President of Lion’s Club, a community service club on campus. Check out below how this campus celebrity gets involved! 


What is your major? 

My major is Fire Protection/Administration & Technology.


What got you interested in that major? 

I’m interested in this major because I’m going to become a firefighter, but later in my career I might want to branch off and become something along the lines of a Prevention Specialist and a bachelor can help me achieve this. 


Why did you choose Cal State LA? 

I’m attending CSULA because It’s the only university in California that offers a bachelor’s degree in Fire Technology.


How are you involved on campus? 

My involvement on campus includes attending various events hosted by the school including intramural sports, service work, and volunteering for  campus organizations such as Educational Participation in The Communities (EPIC).


What clubs are you in and if you’re an officer, what is your position?

I am the Charter President for Lions Club International, Historian for Circle K International, a lieutenant for CSULA’s Fire Fraternity, Phi Pi Alpha, and a member of the Korean Student Association.


Why are you interested in those clubs? 

I enjoy keeping myself busy and for the most part the clubs I’m in involve sevice/volunteer work which is something l’m generally interested in doing. 


How long have you been doing community service for?

My interest in service work started my freshman year of high school in 2008.


Why do you like doing community service? 

The reason I like doing community service is because it brings me closer to people in the community and helps foster tactfulness. 


How do you balance your extra curricular activities with school? 

Club activities are hardly a issue when it comes to balancing them and my school work because I know I can rely on the assistance of my board and other members to help lighten the load.


What’s the best part about being president of Lions club? 

The best thing about being Lion Clubs president is being able to help decide the course of the club.


What made you decide to be president?

I wanted to be president so I can challenge myself.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In five years I see myself as a firefighter. 




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