Being Single on Valentine's Day

Chocolates, flowers, and hearts; Valentine’s Day is nearly here. The one day you show the person you love how much you love them, Valentines Day usually focuses on couples who been together for sometime, couples rekindling their love, or singles hoping to find love. While couples may have fun on Valentine’s Day, being single on Valentine’s Day is the best day for any single person. Why? Because we have the most fun and can whatever we want.  

As a single person, you can have fun like anyone else would have on the 14th and you can treat it as a day for being just you. Plus you can wear whatever you like and not worry about an outfit that’s perfect. There are lots of things singles can do for Valentine’s Day that you don’t need a significant other for. You can hang out with friends and a have a get together where it is just you and your friends watching a movie and ordering any food your hearts desires. 

Some say being single is sad, especially on Valentine’s Day. But, it’s not. Society makes it seem that singles are depressed, lonely, or hate Valentine’s Day, which is sad for society to specify being single as a bad thing. We shouldn’t let anyone say being single is awful because being single means that you know what you’re looking for in another person and no one, not even, society should say differently. Valentine’s Day is all about love and showing the person you care the most about how much you love them. It doesn’t have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend; it could be a family member, friends, or yourself.  

Enjoy Valentine’s Day as single because you know what you want on Valentine’s Day and no one say differ. Remember, Valentine’s is all about love, so just love being single at any moment of the day because you may never know what you’ll find on February 14th.