Angeleno App Alert: 5 Every Day

Los Angeles might be one of the biggest cities in the nation, but everyone can get stuck in the same rut of attractions. I mean, how many times can one see Urban Light at LACMA? At the same time, it can be hard to weed out the worthy attractions from the overrated events.

Thankfully, 5 Every Day is here to save the day! The app is simple: five things to do in Los Angeles, every day. The things on the list are usually chosen for their timeliness, whether it is an opening art gallery or the last time you can climb Runyon Canyon before construction. You can organize list by location, time, or price. Moral of the story: car less, broke Angelinos have finally found their savior.

If the app wasn’t already amazing enough, you can join Club 5! If you buy into the loyalty club, you get a pin that lets you get discounts allover Los Angeles. Some of the highlights on the list: the newly opened Burgerlords in Chinatown, the Natural History Museum, West Hollywood’s Face Haus, and much, much more! Check out the list here.

Now get out there and explore your city, Angeleno! There’s so much for you to see. Download 5 Every Day here.