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Affordable Spring Break Trips

It’s almost that time of the year! Look past the dreary mid 60s weather and just think, that beautiful weeklong vacation in March will be yours! Most people have an extravagant idea that their spring break will be spent partying in the Bahamas. Sadly, we’re college students and don’t have the money for that. Since it always helps to plan ahead, we’ve created a list of places to go for the holiday for all different budget types!

Close to Broke? Take L.A. by storm!

Make use out of the change in your purse for an adventure day through the city! For $1.75 one way you can ride the bus to any destination in L.A.! For those who prefer the Metro train, the $7 1-Day pass is another great option! Need suggestions on where to go? How about all the free places? For those that like museums check out the California Science Center in Exposition Park, and the famous Urban Light exhibit in front of the LACMA. Maybe you want something closer to nature? Metro to greener pastures like Grand Park, Griffith Park, and Vista Hermosa Park.

Another good option would be to hit up all the food places you’ve been dying to try! Some places that are always crowded during the weekend might be a more accommodating during the weekdays. Take advantage of your free time to eat popular restaurants like Eggslut, Sqirl, Sugarfish, the Griddle Café, and Milk.

Less than $100? Go on a day trip!

Leave the bounds of Los Angeles and go on a Southern California road trip for a day! With gas prices fairly low, you can easily afford a full tank of gas, snacks for the drive, and dinner somewhere new. There are so many options of places to go, from beach places like Malibu, Laguna Beach, San Diego, or a little more inland like Death Valley, Joshua Tree or Palm Springs.

Big spender? Make the absolute most out of your vacation!

If you are one of the lucky ones that have extra spending cash, go far from the city and explore! There’s the classic road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco or Santa Cruz. Or you can grab a $215 flight to a city like Portland and use Air B&B to stay in an inexpensive room. Want to go on an amazing trip for an unbelievable price? Cruises to Baja Mexico for 4 days start as low as $219, including room and food!


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