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7 Things We Look Forward to Doing During Spring Break

Finally! Finals are so close to being over and I’m pretty sure it’s safe for us to say that we are so ready for Spring Break! Break starts on Sunday March 22nd and lasts until March 29th. Although it’s pretty short, we came up with a list of things that most of us look forward to doing during our Spring Break!

1.     Binge on Netflix

It’s time to catch up on all of those shows that you’ve been wanting to watch, but have not gotten around to because you’ve just been too busy with school and work.

2.     Spring CleaningThis is a great time to look at your room; more specifically your closet. Try to figure out what can stay and what needs to go. There’s nothing more refreshing than starting the new quarter off with a neat and organized environment.

3.     Spending time with your friends and familyYou have not seen your family or friends in so long and you’re starting to feel a little distant. Spring Break is a great time to get together and update each other on how your quarter went and what you’ve been up to! It’s always good to catch up and get some QT in. 

4.     Going on an adventure

Some of us have not gone out during winter quarter and would really like to get away and explore what the outdoors have to offer. It’s also the perfect time to go to the beach and get a good tan on. Hiking is always an option too!

5.     Getting a new look

This is the time to do it if you are even thinking about it! It’s always fun to change your style every so often whether it’s a new haircut, wardrobe or choice of makeup. Come back to school looking fresh, fine and fierce. It’s also a great excuse to get out and shop!

6.     Apply for internships

While most are out having fun there are also some of us who need to get our lives together. Break is a good time to get some research done and figure out where we can see ourselves interning for the summer or fall. Most places require an application several months in advance, so this is the time to get started.

7.     Or just sit back and relax because you deserve it

While some are out and about, there are also some of us who just want to relax after having worked so hard during winter quarter. We just want to chill out and not have to worry about waking up to our alarm clocks. Or you can even treat yourself to a nice spa day or even better, spa week. Then you can come back to school with a fully refreshed mind and look!

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Taylor Preza is currently a 20-year-old Junior at California State University, Los Angeles with a TVF major with an option in Broadcast Journalism. Born and raised in the beautiful islands of Hawai`i, Taylor decided to come to Los Angeles to broaden her horizons and experience within the TVF field. At CSULA she is an active member for Golden Eagle Radio and the Production Manager for the University Times. She enjoys getting involved on campus whether it's covering campus events, writing news stories, recording in the studio or just meeting new people! Catch Taylor on instagram! @ taypreza
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