7 Films to See in 2015

1.  Pitch Perfect 2

The Bellas of Barden University are back for an acapella sequel! And it is a star-studded affair! Anna Kendrick returns along with Rebel Wilson as everybody’s favorite Fat Amy. Need another reason to see the movie? Elizabeth Banks will not only be acting for the film; she’s also directing!



2.  Tomorrowland

Disney movies can always be a hit or miss, but Tomorrowland looks promising! George Clooney and rising star Britt Robertson go on an adventure through space and time and…well, that’s all we know. But the trailer looks enticing enough!



3.  Paper Towns

Over the last two years, readers allover the country fell in love with John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars and the film of the same name. Another adaption of Green’s novels will be hitting the big screen with Paper Towns! While it may not be as emotional, the story of Paper Towns still hits all of the right teenage feels. Model Cara Delevingne will be making her acting debut as the love interest, Margo Roth.



4.  The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four has such a promising cast that we will forgive the fact that it is another superhero remake. Young Hollywood stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell will be taking over the coveted characters.



5.  The Last Five Years

This Broadway to Hollywood musical covers a five-year relationship in two ways: chronological and reverse. The two main characters never interact directly other than when they “meet” in middle. So original! The film will star Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan and will be directed by Richard LaGravenese from the film, P.S. I Love You.



6.  Inside Out

There’s nothing as exciting as a brand new Pixar film! Inside Out is about 5 emotions in a young girl’s head and how they get through everyday life. Since Pixar films take at least 4 years to make, you can guess that they’ve been brewing up something great with this original story. Comedy superstars Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, and Bill Hader join together to voice some of the characters.



7.  Taken 3

Taken was the reason your parents didn’t want you to backpack Europe as soon as you graduated high school. As terrifying as kidnapping is, the original film and its subsequent sequel were so compelling and action packed that they blew the box offices away. The final film of the trilogy may shake up the game, as star Liam Neeson only agreed to be in the film “as long as no one is taken.” We’re intrigued…