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7 Easy Fashion Tips to Keep In Mind

Every collegiate gal knows the struggle of waking up early every morning and having to get ready for class. Often times we get the urge to throw anything on, but whether we like it or not we have to look decent. What you wear on the daily shows who you are and reflects your image greatly. Your style may attract your surroundings and you never know who you just might run into! So here are some fashion tips to keep in mind before getting ready for class.

Don’t pile on too much denim.

Although denim is fabulous, try not to wear to much of it. Especially if it’s all the same color.

Don’t wear excessive patterns all at once.

Excessive patterns can easily become a distraction and can turn your outfit into a mess. Instead focus on one pattern and work from there.

Don’t wear anything too tight! Make sure it fits.

Let your body breathe and most importantly feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Don’t worry about having to pull down your clothes every second.

When in doubt wear black!

Black is simply gorgeous and matches everything! Plus darker colors make you look slimmer.

Now that it’s fall go for plaid shirts!

Plaid shirts are cute and keep you warm and comfy in the cold weather.

Try wearing hats!

Accessorize and allow yourself to stand out. Hats are in season and add a cute mysterious look to your outfit!

Wear some leather!

Leather makes every outfit look chic. Best of all it’s fun and rebellious!


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