7 Adorable DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

What better way to kick off the weekend than with Halloween! Whether you’re planning for a last minute Halloween party you’re hosting or are celebrating a few days later than the actual holiday, we’ve got you covered! Sometimes decorating can be such a hassle, but don’t worry because with these 7 simple and adorable DIY decoration tricks, your guests will definitely be in for a treat.

1. Mason Jars

Mason Jars can be used for just about anything. And they’re perfect for decoration purposes! For this adorable Halloween décor, you can easily use glue and paper maché to create these holiday characters. Then you can cut out shapes from black construction paper and glue them over the color maché you’ve selected to make your own ghost, pumpkin, or Frankenstein! The final touch would be to drop a battery-operated candle (just to be safe, or you could use a real candle) inside to enhance that Halloween effect.

2. Plain-colored helium balloons

Who doesn’t love balloons?! The fancy helium ones with designs at your local party store tends to be so pricey. If you love balloons and don’t want to spend your whole paycheck on them, pay close attention. Buy simple orange and white helium balloons (usually way cheaper) and draw on them yourself with a black permanent marker! You can easily create ghost and jack-o-lantern balloon decorations! If there are kids around, this could make for fun crafts as well!

3. Glowing Eyes

Scare the crap out of your friends by putting these glowing eyes around the house. They are extremely easy to make and don’t cost much. Just cut out eye shapes on your old toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls and then stuff them with glow sticks. You can place them in really dark places to create that creepy effect.

4. Eyeball flowers

Now this one is very easy and creative! All you need to do is glue a fake eyeball in the middle of your real or fake roses! But be sure to use darker colored roses to give off that creepy vibe.

5. Trail of spiders

Just looking at this picture gives me the goose bumps! Stick scrapbooking removable glue dots on the bottom of the fake spiders’ bellies and press them against your door. Arrange them in a trail from the top corner to the door handle. This will make it look a little more realistic! It is definitely another easy and cheap way to decorate the crib for Halloween!

6. Front door decorating

Show your neighbors how much spirit you have! To create these cute and easy designs all you need are colored streamers, white paper plates, colored construction paper, and fake white webbing that you can buy from your local party store. This is another great craft for the kids! It’s an opportunity to really get creative and make a great impression on your guests!

7. Wicked witch

If you really want to impress your guests, you have to try this out! Recreate this Wizard of Oz look by stuffing two green and black striped socks with clothes or small towels and place black high-heels on the ends. Have them tucked under your “welcome” matt at the front door and there you have it! Your guests will officially be amazed by your decorating skills. #yourewelcome

It’s never too late to take down your holiday decorations. Especially with these cute decorations, you’re going to want to keep them up a little longer just to show off your amazing DIY skills to your friends!