6 Simple Spring Snacks

The weather has been reminding us that it’s springtime and summer is on its way! Because of the warm typical So-Cal weather we have been experiencing, here are 6 refreshing simple-to-make spring snacks ideas for your pleasure!


1. Watermelon on a stick

This is such a simple and refreshing snack, perfect for the spring! Just cut up a watermelon and put each slice on a Popsicle stick. Now you and your BFF can enjoy!


2. Teddy Bear Paradise

Simply use blue food coloring with vanilla pudding to create a vibrant blue pudding. Then pour the pudding in a small clear plastic cup and place crushed vanilla Oreos, and then a small piece of sourbelt over it, with a teddy bear graham, to make it look like a bear is lying on a beach towel. Then stick a cocktail umbrella in the pudding! This isn’t only a cute snack, but it also tastes so good when you mix it all together!


3. Fruit Popsicle

Blend a bunch of your favorite fruits together and be sure to leave some chunks in there! You can pour the blend into a popsicle molder, stick some popsicle sticks in each mold, and freeze it overnight!


4. Fruit water

Not only is this beverage refreshing, but it’s also healthy for you! Take some of your favorite fruits and throw them into a cute mason jar along with water. Certain fruits have targeted effects on your health. Lemons are good for detoxifying and cleansing your system while blueberries are said to be good for your nervous system and memory! Refrigerated this overnight and it makes for a great refresher the next day!


5. Yogurt and fruits

Pour some of your favorite plain Greek yogurt and plop some fruits on it. You can even add some granola for a little crunch. Mobile and refreshing!

6. Frozen Bananas

Dip some bananas in fondue chocolate and sprinkle some nuts, M&Ms, sprinkles, coconut strips, or even some chocolate bits and freeze them overnight! Mixing healthy with sweets = a balanced life.


Feel free to share these refreshing ideas with your family and friends! Enjoy!