5 Things Your Significant Other Would Love on Valentine's Day

From a guy's POV:
1. A steak; nothing fills a man's stomach more than a fat, juicy steak! 
2. Concert tickets to his favorite musician; who wouldn't want to jam out?
3. Netflix and Chill; because Hulu and Hangout is not an option.
4. A gym date; after all that steak, we still need to make some gains.
5. A kiss of satisfaction; so you know that you did everything right on the special day!
From a gal's POV:
1. Red roses; it is the ultimate clichè gift, but it definitely shows you their romantic side. 
2. A big a** heart-shaped balloon that says "Be Mine"; all a girl wants is for her lover to show the world that they care. 
3. Ferrero Rocher chocolates; Do I even need to elaborate? Who does not love chocolate, unless they are allergic! 
4. A mixtape; what better way to spill your affection than wuth lyrics?!
5. A heart-shaped pizza and wine; Hey, a homegirl's gotta eat and drink too!