5 Things We Say We Will Do Every Quarter

Every three months, a new quarter approaches us and every three months we always tell ourselves that this will be the quarter that we will actually get stuff done. We make a mental to-do list and slowly realize that by the end of the 10 weeks, we only completed about 2 of the 5 tasks. Here are 5 things we say we will do every quarter, but just never get around to doing.

1. Go to the gym/become more fit

2. Eat healthier

3. Be more organized

4. Complete a full show on Netflix

5. Spend less money/save money

The quarter is always jam-packed with things to do like homework, studying for exams, extracurricular activities, work and trying to get enough sleep and social time. Although we make a good attempt at trying to be more productive, we have to take into consideration the amount of things we already have on our plate and to make sure that we don’t overwhelm ourselves. Try to prioritize and leave some “me time” as well. You will find your schedule much more productive.