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5 Easy DIY Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is at its peak and every weekend there seems to be a grad celebration of some soty. Some of your friends or relatives are probably graduating; surprise them with these easy DIY gifts that they will love!

1. Memory Board

Print out pictures that you have together or some of their Instagram pictures and decorate it with some of their favorite things.

2. Travel Journal

With school out, graduates will have time to travel and explore. This travel journal will be a great gift to record their adventures.

3. Money in a jar

Chances are recent college graduates need that extra cash…

4. Personalized box

Buy a wooden box and decorate it. You can also fill the box with something that the graduate loves.

5. Quote canvas

Decorate the canvas using a map and add a motivational quote with scrabble letters.

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Cristina Galvan is a senior at Cal State LA. She is majoring in Television, Film and Media Studies with an option in Broadcast Journalism. When not working, or doing homework, she enjoys reading,spending time with her family, shopping and doing arts and crafts.
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