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4 Best Thrift Stores in LA

For the fashionistas out there, you will understand when I say thrifting is honestly a sport. It’s an activity that needs time, patience, and a really good eye. For the last five or so years, my friends and I have driven all around LA finding the best thrift stores. Whether we go after brunch or skip the food and go straight to the clothing hunt, here are four thrift stores that has something for everyone. 

1. Buffalo Exchange

2. Crossroads Trading, Los Feliz

3. Goodwill, Glassell 

4. Wasteland


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Christine Tran

Cal State LA

After taking four different MBTI tests, Christine is the definition of someone who is half ENFJ and ESFP (she got two for each type). With that being said, this clearly explains her major in Communications at Cal State LA. With a love for fashion and music, she's the type of person who will post #ootds and pictures of every concert she's at on her Instagram. Along with that, Christine has a horrible addiction with cupcakes and tattoos which will eventually be the death of her unless her parents figure out she already has more than one tattoo first.... Find out what she's up to by following her Instagram @christineetran
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