15 Thoughts That Go Through Your Mind When Skydiving

I went skydiving for the first time last week and it was the best experience of my life! It is almost an unexplainable feeling and I can’t wait to do it again. I did a 13,000 tandem jump (there is an instructor with you) in Oceanside. The moment I got onto the plane until I landed on the ground, these were the random thoughts in my head as I jumped out of a plane:

1. “This gear has straps in places they shouldn’t be”

Picks out the wedgie in the front and the back continues to walk like there's a stick up my butt

2. “What if I get unstrapped from my instructor?”

Hm why does he only have a parachute?

3. “This is a tiny freaking plane for 15 people”

It would be sad if it doesn’t hold us all and CRASHES before we get to jump

4. “Are we up there yet???”

Why is it taking so long to fly 13,000 feet in the air?? Can I jump out already??

5. “I have to sit on your- what?”

*awkwardly scoots onto my instructors lap*    "I’m so sorry I’m smashing every part of you sir"

6. “I’m surprised I’m not nervous”

I’m literally about to jump out of a plane am I that BADASS that I’m not scared??    *realizes who I am*     Nvm.. maybe I’m so scared that I’m not scared?

7. “Holy crap it’s freezing up here”

Is my face still going to be intact after this??

8. “You need to look good for your pictures TRY TO LOOK GOOD”

*tries to smile without losing cheeks*



10. “We have been free falling for forever and I never (kinda) want it to end”        

This is the best feeling ever, I’m on top of the world

11. “Welp, that’s the parachute and that hurt like hell”

Please don’t lose your shoes, or body parts     

12. “It’s so beautiful up here”

Wow the view is just… WOW

13. “These straps between my legs HURT”


14. “I hope we land perfectly”

Thats a big piece of land, we’ll make it. Hopefully I can feel my legs and not fall.      *lands perfectly*


15. “When can I go again??”

This was the best thing I have ever experienced, when can we go AGAIN?!


If you’re scared or not, I totally recommend everyone try this incredible experience once in their life. I promise you, you won’t regret it!!!