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10 Things Every Girl Experiences While Shopping at Forever 21

Forever 21 changed the way we dress and shop for clothes. With its endless racks it’s possible to find a complete outfit without breaking the bank. Here are 10 things every girl has experienced while shopping at Forever 21.

  1. Entering the store and not knowing where to start
  2. Telling yourself that you are going to make a quick stop and stay at the store for two hours
  3. You plan to buy a top and end up leaving with a bag full of clothes, nail polish, and accessories
  4. Having to make a tough choice between that cute shirt or that dress
  5. Finding the nicest pair of shoes, but they don’t have your size­
  6. You fall in love with an item online and you are determined to buy it until you see it in person or try it on
  7. You are excited to find an outfit and after spending hours at the store you don’t buy anything  
  8. Getting frustrated because all the maxi dresses and jumpsuits were not made for your height
  9. Seeing that everything on sale is an extra 50% off and you convince yourself you need more clothes.
  10. Before paying you dig through the sock bin
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Cristina Galvan

Cal State LA

Cristina Galvan is a senior at Cal State LA. She is majoring in Television, Film and Media Studies with an option in Broadcast Journalism. When not working, or doing homework, she enjoys reading,spending time with her family, shopping and doing arts and crafts.
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