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Outdoor Activities That Are Good For The Earth, And For You!

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Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and it’s time to get outside. Although it’s great to appreciate the earth on Earth Day, it’s important to appreciate and spend some time outside as much as possible. Doing activities outside can significantly increase your mental and physical health. Spending time outside can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress, help you feel more connected to nature, and help you reconnect with your community. This is a great opportunity to take a break from your phone. Spending time off of a screen or on social media can significantly change your mindset and outlook on life. Being outside can make you remember why you appreciate being alive and think about the things you take for granted. Sometimes people can forget that day-to-day outside activities can make a huge impact on your life temporarily and over time. I have compiled a list of fun activities to have fun in the sun as well as improving your well-being.


Hiking is a great and easy way to appreciate nature and get in a good workout. Whether you do it alone or accomplish it with some friends, it can be very beneficial to your body. Hiking can increase the blood flow to your brain and give your heart a good workout as well. The great thing about hiking is you can pick your scenery or the level of difficulty of the hike. You can take an easy stroll around a park or hike up a mountain and have the same amount of fun. It’s important that you do what is best for you and don’t push yourself too much.


Gardening is a great way to reconnect with nature. Being able to dig into the dirt and plant things can give you a sense of childlike wonder bringing back to playing in your yard as a kid. Digging in the soil can be relaxing and stimulating as well as improving your hand dexterity. Gardening can also increase your vitamin D intake. When focusing on the task at hand, it can help you stop ruminating in your thoughts and anxieties. It also is helpful in the long run because you can grow fruits and vegetables to eat that don’t have any added preservatives.

Girl Holding Produce Farm Rows
Jocelyn Hsu / Spoon


Although you can do yoga inside, it can be fun to do it outdoors. Yoga has benefits for your mind and your physical body. The meditation aspect of yoga can increase your mindfulness and make you grounded. Yoga is great for stretching your body and depending on the positions you choose to do, it can be a great physical workout. The aspect of yoga being performed outside can boost your dopamine and serotonin. Some yoga studios take place outside and have different types of animal involvements that you can participate in. Some examples of the animals I have seen are goats, cats, dogs, and bunnies. You can do yoga anywhere and at any time. It can be fun to do yoga on the beach at sunrise, or even under the stars while camping with friends.

Picnic with your friends

Picnics with friends are a great way to reconnect and appreciate the people around you. In college, things can get hectic and very busy so having some time to hang out with your friends that does not involve drinking or homework can be very beneficial. You can have meaningful conversations with your friends that can help your connections with each other grow stronger. It also adds a twist to your normal hangout. Instead of binge-watching TV, you and your friends can appreciate nature and the town you live in. You also can drive to a new location out of town and experience a fun adventure with friends (I highly recommend going to Burney Falls). I went with some friends a couple of years ago and we had a picnic and then hiked the falls. It was a trip I will never forget.


Art therapy has been around for quite a while. It’s a great way to destress and is a creative way to describe how you are feeling. Instead of writing your feelings on paper, you are either drawing or painting them. Doing this activity outside can increase your serotonin and make you inspired by the nature around you. Even if you aren’t using art as a way of therapy, it’s still a great activity to boost your creativity.

Farmer’s Market

Going to a local farmer’s market can reconnect you with your community. Getting to meet different owners of companies and services can be a great way of finding new places you have never heard of in your time. It can be fun to buy little trinkets, jewelry, or flowers. Even if you don’t have the money to buy anything, it can still be fun to walk around and see all the people of Chico come together. This is great for your mental health because it makes you feel less lonely and feel a sense of community.


Swimming can make you feel refreshed – especially if the water is cold. Depending on the level of physicality you want to do while swimming, it can improve your lungs by holding your breath and can help improve joint movement. Swimming is a great way of working out because it involves every part of your body. Whether it’s in the pool or at the beach, swimming can be a great activity to get you outside.

Anna Schultz-Girl Relaxing In Pool
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Bike Ride

Going on a bike ride is such a feel-good activity. Being in the sun can increase your vitamin D and give you that boost of serotonin. Riding along with a group of friends can give you that nostalgia of riding around on bikes with your friends in your neighborhood as a kid. It also can be a nice mild workout. You can have a nice bike ride around town or you can change gears and go mountain biking if that’s your thing.

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Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus
Emily Youngberg

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