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Fall Is Here! Five Ways to Showcase Your Personal Style While Still Being Bundled Up

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal State Chico chapter.

The weather has taken a turn; the leaves are turning orange and the air is getting crisp. Everyone is bringing out their winter coats in preparation for the cold. Some of these coats may be from years prior, not matching your current aesthetic, while some could be new additions to their forever home, just waiting to be styled. Here are a few tips on how to bring out your personality in clothing while staying warm this season.

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

As summer fizzles out, so do the summer clothes. Bathing suits, tank tops, and shorts are put in the back of the closet until the sunny season makes its way back around. Two things that we have to say goodbye to are flip flops and Birkenstocks. While they are an everyday commodity in the warm weather, they can’t suffice in the brisk Chico air compared to fuzzy socks and warm booties. Staying cozy this season doesn’t always mean that the outfit will be big, bulky and unattractive, and if there’s one way to avoid that, it is through shoes.

Everybody’s style is different, and a few ways to spice up your bundled look using shoes could be taking an old pair and replacing the laces with colored ribbon, lace, or even string. Or, if you aren’t feeling any of those options, you could always change the standard black laces with your color of choice to add that subtle pop to your outfit. More of a tall boot person in the colder seasons? There are so many places to find unique boots that could spice up any outfit! One pair that should be in everyone’s collection is Campus Frye boots, usually found on of Depop, Ebay or even local thrift stores. These are tall leather boots that come in a variety of different colors to suit your personal liking. Another pair of boots are a Chico classic – cowboy boots! These come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, giving you a wide range to choose from to find your perfect pair. These can also be found on Depop, Ebay, Boot Barn or at your local thrift store as well. Trying to find boots with buckles, like the Steve Madden buckle boots, are also a great option when wanting to find a unique pair to suit your cold season outfit. Finding boots that fit your personal style is a fun way to be creative and curate a unique outfit that showcases you and your personal style!

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Jackie Ryan / Her Campus


Styling outfits that involve big items of clothing like bulky jackets can be difficult. 

Does this go together? Does this look like too much? Will I be warm enough? 

These are valid questions you will probably ask yourself at least once this fall and winter. Layering different apparel items is essential in these cold seasons. Staying warm and looking good can go hand-in-hand, and it all starts with knowing how to layer!

Find items in your closet that you love; maybe an old flannel that goes with everything, or that jean jacket that your mom handed down to you. Maybe there’s that thrifted hoodie you found years ago with the fun design on the front. After finding your favorite items that express your current style, you can begin layering. Layering can take many forms, whether it’s a sweater vest over a long sleeve or a hoodie with a denim jacket layered on top. The layers are evidently determined by each individual. Finding pieces that correspond with each other through color or pattern is a great place to begin. Also, try layering pieces that are both heavy and lightweight. It’s all about balance and finding the right amount of everything that suits you and your needs. 

Hats, Scarves and More

As you begin to think about fall and winter outfits, you also have to take into account those warm accessories to incorporate into your daily outfits. I’m here to tell you that a hat can work wonders in when it comes to completing a look. Beanies come in all different patterns and colors, adding to a basic or flat outfit, adding that pizzaz that will draw in peoples’ attention as you walk by them on the street through a simple pop of color. Trucker hats are also a great way to stay warm and they come with so much flexibility appearance-wise. Hats offer a variety of colors and styles to complement your new go-to fall outfit. You also can’t forget about scarves and gloves! Scarves can come in many different lengths, textures, patterns and colors. Bonus points if you can knit or crochet your own scarf! The same concept goes for gloves. Gloves can be fingerless, have no finger holes (aka mittens), and they can be knitted, or even leather. These accessories all provide an extra flare to your outfit to upgrade it from simple to top-tier. 

Jewelry and Accessories

The cold season may be limiting for certain accessories. With the oversized jackets and scarves, your favorite necklace might not be on display as much as you might prefer. Not to worry, there is still hope for jewelry in your cold season outfits! Earrings are a great way to show off your one-of-a-kind collection of jewelry. Adding fun earrings to an outfit can enhance it greatly. The same goes for bracelets, as some jackets may be shorter on the wrists. If that’s the case, stack some of your favorite staple pieces for a more sophisticated look.

Jewelry is not just bound to the standard wrist, ears, and neck. Jewelry can be added to things such as your hair or clothing as well. If you put your hair in braids, you can add hoops throughout, adding fun details that are unique and eye-catching. You can add hoops or studs to the laces of your shoes as well. Other accessories to enhance an outfit can be ribbons in your hair. There are so many options when it comes to this; adding bows to the ends of braids, within your braids, or at the top of your ponytails as well. Accessories are the finishing touch on an outfit, so use this to your advantage and stick out from the rest this cozy season.

Color Palette

Sticking to a color palette is an easy way to showcase your style while staying confident and warm this upcoming season. While this may sound intimidating, it’s as simple as finding colors you are fond of and showcasing them. Allow me the privilege of helping you find your personal color palette! Identify those colors that make you feel confident and can be the base of your outfits. Find complementary colors to your favorite base ones and style them together as you please. This is a great tip if you’re wanting your outfits to remain cohesive without being too extravagant. Color matching is a great way to look put-together and to showcase who you are through the colors that make you feel and look the most elated. The color palette that you choose does not have to define you for the whole season! Find other colors and those that complement them to rotate.

These cold months don’t have to be a limitation on what you wear! Experiment with your wardrobe this season, try something new, and get ready for a semester of cozy and trendy looks on campus!

Taylor Wagner

Cal State Chico '24

Taylor is currently a fourth year student at Chico State expecting to graduate in Spring 2024. She is an English education major with a double minor in creative writing and secondary language, she is also working towards her editing and publishing certificate as well. Taylor has been on the dean's list for five semesters at Chico and is also a current member of the greek organization Sigma Kappa. Taylor has many passions including the environment and writing! In her free time you will catch her hanging out with friends, making food, sitting down to read a book or working out. She loves staying active and meeting new people. Taylor is originally from Encinitas, California, a city in San Diego county. After college she hopes to become a high school English teacher. Yet, to begin that journey she wants to move back to her home base and get her teaching credential, then to a larger city shortly after to get her Masters.