Your Birkenstock Horoscope

Birkenstock sandals have recently become a popular fad across the US, West Coast and on the Cal Poly campus. There are many different kinds of sandals to choose from when deciding to buy these wonderfully comfortable and practical shoes. They can be dressed up or dressed down and paired with nearly any outfit. But where Birks get interesting is in the differentiation between the styles of the shoes available for purchase. Each shoe draws in a different kind of person. The type of sandals in your closet say more about you than you think.

Arizona Brown 

You are about as basic as it gets. Starbucks and yoga pants are essential to your everyday life. You enjoy matching with all of your besties, because you all own the same shoes. Be weary of where you leave your Birks because everyone has the same ones you do.

Arizona Black 

You’re a little edgy, a smidge spunky and a whole lot of alternative. You often search for the easy way out and make time to hang with yourself and a good book. People describe you as chill and easygoing.


You are unique and many people admire you. Instead of spending your allowance on the Birks everyone around you owns, you chose to step outside your comfort zone and try something a little different. 


You’re super hip… or at least think you are. Urban outfitters is your favorite place to shop and you love going to offbeat music festivals in the summer. When picking out your new shoes, you immediately chose this style without hesitation. They go perfectly with your ripped jeans and obnoxiously long, flowy shirt.


You either live in Europe, have family in Europe or just really wish to be European. You’re very proper and have a sleek sense of style. You also care a lot about what other people think of you.


You are fearless! Living on the edge has always been your motivator in life. Your shoes not only reflect the sunlight, but also your spunky personality. You inspire others to be comfortable with who they are by just being your wacky self.


You’re artistic and fun. Your shoes represent how you see life: as an exciting adventure full of interesting and complex opportunities. Deep down, you also chose these shoes because you love getting compliments on your style choices.


Did you thrift these or get them as a hand-me-down from your uncle? You seek security in your life and pride yourself in being a big dork. Your sense of style is grandpa-esque, but you own it!

With Socks

You really don’t care what other people think about you. You also definitely belong in the Pacific Northwest. Birkenstocks are slowly, but surely becoming more popular out in public and you are on the forefront of this ingenious idea.


You are the epitome of “granola.” Most of your closet is clothing made of organic hemp and homemade tie dye. You enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and strongly believe in equality for all.


Who are you? And how do your shoes stay on? You are sometimes too far-out for people to comprehend. You enjoy wearing your unpractical shoes around the house and to the store, but quickly realized that they do not work well for much else.

Fuzzy Arizona

You love trying new things. These shoes may look funny, but warmth and comfort are more valuable to you than fashion. You love making statements and hanging around other inspired people.

Remember, it’s all purely fun and games stereotyping people’s shoes. Next time you find yourself perusing the Birkenstock website in search of your next birthday present, pick the ones that make you happy. Other people’s opinions of your shoes shouldn’t take away any of your self worth.