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Yeah Sex is Cool, But Have You Ever…

As college students, we have all become quite versed in the concept of sarcasm. It’s a way of life, the way we relate to one another, and how we tweet and make self-deprecating jokes. Come on, we all do it. And sometimes, it’s how we come up with new memes.

Take this one for example, back in December, you probably saw this one a lot.

How wholesome is that? Garlic bread is pretty great after all. Sometimes this meme got a little too real, while other times it was just downright funny. So, here are some things that can finish-off this meme, because let’s face it, sex is cool, but have you ever…

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1. Gone grocery shopping with someone just as excited to be there as you are, while enabling each other to buy more things at the same time?

We all know those people who absolutely LOVE grocery shopping, but going with someone who loves it just as much as you?? This turns what is usually a chore into a whole lot of fun. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t get excited about new meals and snacks to eat?

2. Played a ridiculous game or some something disruptive af in public with your best friends (ie, the enablers)?

You know what we mean — like playing dodge-ball in the middle of Walmart with those giant crates of plastic balls that they strategically place solely to entice you, or playing silent library just to watch someone make a fool of themselves very loudly in public. It’s fun, we’ve all done it. And by the end of it all you’ve got a six pack set of abs coming in from all the laughter.

3. Built a pillow fort, just for kicks and old times sake, just to realize how much better you can build it now as an “adult?”

Do you realize the amount of structures and complicated mazes of pillows you can make now that you’re tall enough and smart enough to make it super intricate? Plus, throw some blankets in there and one draped on top, and you’ve got one solid movie-night cave going. All you need are some bomb snacks and a laptop.

4. Complemented someone out of the blue and had them respond with an even better compliment back?

It’s like having someone respond to your sarcasm with even heavier and better sarcasm. Uggg, the goosebumps you get from this are amazing. The moment happens and you just look at each other like “wow, so this is what living my best life feels like.”

5. Gone to get ready for class only to see an email from your professor saying it was canceled?

This, this is a good day. We’re all students, we know how it feels. This day is always a good day.

6. Given someone a hug, only for them to squeeze you a little tighter when you tried to let go?

It’s so wholesome and you know exactly what we’re talking about – reciprocated love is grand. This just goes to show there are so many priceless moments that take your breath away, whether you’re laughing or simply appreciating it — and you can do all of these in sweatpants if you wish.

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If you’ve got something better than what we’ve just listed, we want to hear from you: what do you think is cooler than sex?

Cal Poly SLO Senior, author of Live, Laugh, Love Like a Teenager, and blogger at KWilliamsbooks, Karina is one of countless women with a voice to be heard and a dream to be chased. Perhaps a little bit of both at the same time; follow her on the journey and you can find out.
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