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Why You Should Join Her Campus at Your University


The year is still just beginning, but let’s be real, feelings of nostalgia are starting to come purring in like an affectionate cat rubbing at your ankles.

For me, it is the beginning of my sophomore year and looking back, I would have never thought I would be a part of Her Campus – yet it has been the singular most impactful decision of my first year. I have written six articles in my first year as part of Cal Poly’s Her Campus team, and I can see the growth my writing has gone through even in this short time – and it is something I can take pride from in my college experience.

So, do you want to be a Her Campus collegiette?

1. You get to write about things that are interesting and relevant to you and your community of women!

If you enjoy writing, researching, communicating, interviewing, editing, outreach, and/or exploring your community, then Her Campus is the group for you.

I have always loved to write, but my major in school is not very writing intensive. Her Campus gives me a chance to strengthen my writing skills and continue to do something that I truly love. My articles and writing from Her Campus are a reflection of who I am and who I want to be – a self motivated individual, a feminist, a music-lover, a daughter, a friend, an explorer.

Her Campus gives you a chance to explore what interests you as a person and to be able to reach a larger audience with your writing.

2. You get to be part of an awesome team and make amazing friends!

Joining Her Campus gives you a chance to meet awesome girls at your university.

Each time I bond with my Her Campus team and read their amazing articles I feel so much more connected to my school and community. Her Campus is full of empowered, kick-as* writers and women that I feel so lucky to know. Whether I am laughing with them over take-out at our bonding events, reading their articles on the Facebook page or talking to them at our chapter meetings, we always have a great time.

3. You get more even more obsessed with Her Campus.

When you join Her Campus at your university, the entire process becomes more exciting. You get really excited about topics to write your articles about and cannot wait until they are published in all their shining glory.

Even more amazing, you get to read your friend’s articles and get to know them through their writing and what they care about. Whenever I have a problem or issue, I usually take a quick search of the Her Campus site to see if any other women out there have gone through similar situations and have advice on how to get through it.

When I was diagnosed with anxiety this year, I was, of course ~ anxious~ and I went browsing through Her Campus articles – and what I found was truly a m a z i n g. There were pages and pages of women giving me their support and encouragement. I felt like I was part of a community; a network of friendly, open women that would catch me during the times when I need support.

4. Be a member of a nationally recognized group – with perks!

Her Campus is a nationally recognized organization – by women, and for women. If you let it, Her Campus can help to elevate you into the writing world, or wherever you want your future to take you.

Also, Her Campus is not without its perks. Depending on the influence of your universities’ chapter, you will receive Her Campus Survival Kits – which are always super fun! They are like care packages from Her Campus Nationals, because Her Campus is really like a big family.

5. It’s empowering.

Simply put – Her Campus is empowering. It can give you a sense of community and belonging while you are working to further yourself and your writing alongside like-minded, creative women – all while having fun, of course!

Your Her Campus experience can be what you and your university make it to be.

You have a voice, you have opinions and feelings, you have something to say, you can make a difference, and you are strong – now go show the world!

Meghan is a third year Anthropology and Geography major at Cal Poly.
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