Why Winter is Better Than Summer & Yes, You Read That Right

Constant sunny days and being on the quarter system that starts mid-September allows for an ideal summer, but there’s something about winter break that’s incomparable to summer days off.

Comfy Clothes

Although shorts and tanks are simple to throw on, is there anything better than soft, long leggings and fuzzy socks or layering sweaters and denim jackets?  Now there’s a chance to wear all those sweatshirts folded in your closet patiently waiting for the cold weather.  There are many more options when it comes to winter clothes and it’s always fun to wear your favorites while going to see pretty lights or sit down for a holiday meal.

Traveling Home

After a quarter’s worth of hard work, midterms and finals, going home is a refreshing and exciting feeling.  The thought of having all your friends back home and spending time with family without having to study is like no other.  Whether by train, car or plane, seeing familiar places that you associate with home brings excitement and eagerness for the month long break to come.

Holiday Eats

From turkey to seafood to pies and desserts, winter break is full of delicious dishes that many times you may only get once a year.  Your family’s specialty meals makes winter break one to look forward to and even more so the leftovers you’ll have for weeks after.  Aside from the homemade food, picking up a sweet treat or peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks in a holiday cup that you can only get during one time of the year is something to get ecstatic about.

Keeping Busy With Festivities

Summer doesn’t come close to all the festivities going on during winter break.  From holiday parties, decorating your home, watching holiday movies, listening to festive music and going downtown to see your home city all decorated are all musts during the time off.

Getting Ready for the New Year

Winter break far exceeds summer break because it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the new year, setting new goals, and being fully prepared for the winter quarter.  There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays and continuing to celebrate all that the new year brings.

Getting ready for winter break has many exciting perks and celebrating the holidays exceeds the never ending hot days of summer break.  If you’re reminded of all that makes winter break special and unlike any other time of the year, we wish you the best of celebrations.