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This Is Why Sophomore Year Is Actually the Best

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

 Sophomore year is comparable to a bath you’ve finally gotten to the perfect temperature. Meanwhile, freshman year is like that 10 minutes spent before the bath when you can’t figure out how the knobs work, while junior year is more like the moment you realize the bath has cooled off and you need to get out soon. So please, wallow away in the warm waters of sophomore year before it’s over. 

1. You handle school like a boss now. 

Instead of obsessively walking around campus with the Cal Poly map pulled up on your phone like last year, you know exactly where your class is because of that one time Lisa’s boyfriend knew a guy who had a class in this building and you all met up with him before line dancing. Now, you no longer ask the 15 people sitting next to you if they are also here for English 145 because you’re a boss and you sit in the front row with confidence knowing you belong there. While last year, you would have brought four pencils, a highlighter, a sharpie and three notebooks, this year you have your laptop and a smile. 

2. You don’t have senior year looming over you.

You can still take fun and random classes that may or may not fulfill a requirement without having to think about that scary time called “after graduation.” Having junior year as a safe buffer, you still get to enjoy all the many benefits of school while basking in the knowledge you acquired throughout your freshman year. It’s also nice to enjoy school without the stressful planning that is going to be required of you during junior year. Who has the brain capacity to think of a career? Enjoy sophomore year like one enjoys the eye of the hurricane. 

3. Your parents still baby you in all the right ways.

You’ll get mini vacations from your apartment and roommates while you lounge in a hotel room bed scrolling through random TV channels without having to worry about someone else being bothered by your indecisiveness. Then, when your parents take you out to eat, you know they are going to pay for all your food. They’ll take you to Eureka and you’ll finally be able to order that bison burger with absolutely no fear of being over extravagant. Yes waitress, I will have a soda today… and extra fries. Plus, don’t forget, they’ll hand you a twenty when they leave “just in case you need something.” You’re so right, I just realized I need more lipstick. 

4. You don’t have to ask for help all the time.

You dreaded the Poly Planner freshman year with your heart and soul because you had no clue how to use it. Now, you resemble Neo from the Matrix, seeing past the code and viewing the world beyond. You also know how to make a schedule, a backup schedule and a backup-backup schedule while still avoiding all 8 a.m. and Friday classes, because that one class from last year at 7 a.m. was your worst nightmare. Once you do get your classes, you’ll know which websites are best to rent books and which to buy from because not a penny will be wasted again. 

5. You get to stay in SLO for the summer.

Living in the dorms last year made the prospect of a SLO summer impossible. You had to pack up and move home for the summer, saying goodbye to your friends for three very long months. While you counted down the days the SLO summer came bringing with it long days at the beach, strolls through downtown and enjoying the area stress free. This year you know you won’t let another SLO summer pass without you here to grace it with your presence. As school keeps you busy, you can mentally make a list of all the amazing mini-adventures you’re going to take once school is out. 

Sophomore year has all the perfect conditions for an amazing year, and all you need to do is live it. As school continues on and junior year comes, a whole new plate of responsibilities and opportunities will come with it. So let’s all take this deep breath together and make some memories. 

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Ashlyn Donnahoe

Cal Poly '18

Ashlyn Donnahoe is a senior at Cal Poly SLO majoring in English with a minor in Child Development. After college, she hopes to teach kindergarteners how to be super adorable and read Dr. Seuss for a living. Ashlyn has loved writing since she was young, debuting her talents as a second grader with her first book The Very Fat Cat (trademark pending). These days Ashlyn spends most her time watching Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and adding to her ever-growing indoor plant collection.