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Why Kelsy Karter Should’ve Been Harry Styles’ Opener for His Next Tour

Harry Styles recently announced his next world tour: Love On Tour. With this came with the reveal of who his opening acts would be. King Princess would join him for the UK portion, and Jenny Lewis and Koffee would be opening for the North American dates. While I am not dissing these artists (I am actually quite a fan of King Princess and Lewis), I maintain that Styles chose the wrong openers. He needs someone who understands him, compliments him musically, and quite frankly adores him as much as his fans do. So, now I bet you’re wondering, who do I think it should be? 




Kelsy Karter. 




She’s the ultimate Harry Styles fangirl.


Here’s the proof:


She Got This Tattoo

Karter blew up the internet in early 2019 when she debuted this wild tattoo of Harry Styles’s face … on her face. She has since admitted it was a publicity stunt as a way to promote her single “Harry” (more on that later), but just the spirit of the piece alone is reason enough to prove Karter’s undying devotion to the man.

She Wrote This Song 

Karter is going to make Harry love her. She declares this in her hit single “Harry,” a love song dedicated to popstar, so why should she not tour with him? She’s not some crazed directioner, but her love for Styles is clearly evident. Now while this may be a deterrent for many — to have someone borderline obsessed with you touring with you — I think it’s cute. She clearly garners a certain level of respect for Harry and the song itself is a total BOP, so unless Styles is afraid of “making [her] breakfast,” Karter should have been  a serious contender for his opening act. I mean, she’s not alone in wanting him to “wrap his velvet arms” around her.

Her Music

Now, Karter’s entire discography isn’t an ode to Styles. Sorry to disappoint. However, like “Harry,” all of her other singles are spectacular. They are fun, deep, high energy, and most importantly: rock and roll. In his new music outside of One Direction, Styles is trying to break into this genre that Karter is also striving to be apart of. 

Their music also compliments each other really well. Karter’s single “God Knows I’ve Tried” has equally heart-wrenching melancholy vibes similar to that of Styles hit “Two Ghosts,” and her “Catch Me If You Can” has the same upbeat intensity that his “Kiwi” does.

Her Style

Not only does her music pair nicely with Styles’s, but their aesthetics do too. They both dress very vintage chic and often time twin with their pieces. Styles appreciates a nice pants suit with a puffy shirt and so does Karter, and they both simultaneously make each of their looks their own and completely rock and roll.

She Understands His Bisexuality

When Styles released his song “Medicine,” it was quickly deemed a bisexual anthem because of the reference to the boys and girls he messes around with. Karter does something similar to this in her music, specifically in her song “Liquor Store on Mars” where she changes gender pronouns throughout. Her ex-lover is compared to the boys she sees his “hair just like [theirs]” and the “girl at the party that kissed [her] like [them].” Just as Styles does, Karter sees the importance of fluid sexuality and gender identity inclusivity.

While Karter soared to fame for her song “Harry” and that infamous tattoo, she’s acquired quite the reputation at credible artist. Her dedication, not only to Styles, but to her music, attention to detail, and her fans proves that she’s a worthy opening act for the iconic popstar. So rally behind me and petition, that if it’s not for this tour, then the next Harry Styles tour needs to include Kelsy Karter’s name on the ticket.

Tessa Hughes is a second year Journalism major from Petaluma, California who is double concentrating in news and public relations as well as double minoring in media, arts, society, and technology and political science. She is a writer for The Wire, as well as an opinion columnist for Mustang News, a reporter for 91.3 KCPR’s News hour, and an editorial writer for Cal Poly’s hercampus.com. If she’s not in class or writing her next story, she’s probably at another concert (she’s an addict). Her favorite bands include The Struts, Pink, Maroon 5, Green Day, The Foo Fighters ...the list goes on and on and on.
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