Why Girls Should Make the First Move More

It’s 2018 now and its definitely time to stop following dated traditions surrounding relationships. Women no longer need to stand in the corner batting their lashes waiting for men to make the first move. It’s time that women disregard conventional dating “rules” and just go for it. Here’s 5 reasons why girls should make the first move more.

1. For some, it’s a must.

    It can’t be ignored that men making the first move is a heteronormative idea. What does this statement mean for the LGBTQIA community? There are so many different types of couples and the idea that men need to make the first is ridiculous. 

2. Guys are definitely up for it.

   Many girls think that if they make the first move the guy will be intimidated or not like them. Honey, if that’s the case, it would not have worked out anyway. But on a serious note, many guys love it when girls make the first move and it takes a lot of pressure off of them. Also, everyone feels nervous putting themselves out there whether its a boy, girl, or anywhere in between, it’s scary. If you want something to start, why not make the first move?

3. It’s easier now than ever.

    With texting, DMing, and tinder it’s so much easier to make the first move. You don’t even have to do it in person anymore. Also, dating apps like Bumble are set up so women can make the first move should they wish. Of course, if you’re not into dating apps or sliding in the DM’s, asking someone to coffee in person is definitely acceptable. The point here is that its easier now than ever to make the first move, so why not take a chance?

4. It puts you in control.

 Too many times, girls wait for the guy to text them first, which is really ineffective because if you want to talk to someone, you should just do it. Also, by girls making the first move, it definitely puts them in a position as a strong, confident women. Making the first move can be difficult, but it’ll definitely make you feel like a badass even if it does not work out in the end.

5. Why not?

There’s no reason, girls can’t make the first move. If you’re interested in someone why wait around for them to make the first move? It’s 2018 girls, put on some red lipstick, do a teeth check, and take the world by storm.

Making the first move in a a relationship can be a scary thing for anyone. Even though boys have been expected to make a move in traditional, heteronormative dating, there’s no reason that girls should not make the first move. Understandably, it’s going to be difficult, but 2018 is definitely the time for women to stand up and make the first move more.