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Why Everyone Should Attend TEDxSanLuisObispo

The second annual TEDxSan Luis Obispo even will be held on October 28 in the Performing Arts Center, and everyone should definitely attend! TED, which stands for Technology Entertainment and Design, is a non-profit which frequently holds conferences based on the idea of sharing new ideas. This conference will highlight the importance of seeking out new goals and constant growth following this year’s theme of climbing new peaks. Its goal, as with all TED events, is to share stories and new ideas in a variety of fields.

This year’s conference focuses strongly on activism, featuring speakers such as animal rights advocate Zoe Rosenberg. At only fifteen years old she runs her own non-profit and has won the National Youth Activism Award. Her success demonstrates the possibilities out there for young women like herself to thrive. Her talk will center on her story as well as how everyone can advocate for what they believe in, even if only on a small scale.

Zoe will be joined by seven other speakers such as Mayor Heidi Harmon or CEO Dan Fagella whose company focuses on artificial intelligence. The talks will cover an array of ideas such as tragedy, technological advancement and social infrastructure. There is also the added benefit of the speakers being predominantly women, showcasing the extraordinary success women can achieve even when faced with adversity.

The conference will also include a talk by one of the Cal Poly students, Caroline Skae. She used the resources on Cal Poly’s campus to engineering more affordable prosthetics for amputees. Her achievements demonstrate how women on this campus can thrive and are given opportunities to go beyond the average person.

Along with the eight speakers there will be a few surprise performances. TEDxSanLuisObispo will go beyond sharing ideas about entertainment as it will be accompanied by two performances. The area outside the conference will also be filled with activities that will make you think and inspire you. There will also be a showcase of projects by Cal Poly students as well as people from the local community. This conference is so much more than a collection of people talking about what they have accomplished. It is an event that demonstrates how our community succeeds together and part of that is coming to events like TED to celebrate all that we have done.

The conference will start at 11 a.m. on October 28. That still leaves enough time to sleep in from whatever friday fun happens the night before. Plus the conference will be over in time to still have your friday night. It is an educational sandwich between two nights of fun. It is always possible to make time for a once in a lifetime experience like this. There are still tickets for sale and information at tedxsanluisobispo.com. Tickets are $30 which may be steep for some but you also get a whole day of adventure.

This event is a great way to bring together the San Luis Obispo community to talk about the future. It will be a day of growth and togetherness that will inspire you. Come to learn about what you can do to become a more fulfilled person. Come to TEDx to support the community that supports you.

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