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Why Elizabeth Warren is a Role Model for Women Everywhere

Elizabeth Warren is the incumbent senior Senator from Massachusetts, and is all-around an inspiration for women everywhere. As a feminist and a woman deeply interested in politics, I am both proud and happy to see a woman like Elizabeth Warren in the Senate.

Warren has been in the news a lot lately, as she is known for being incredibly outspoken in Senate hearings as well as having previously been a serious contender for Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick. She is a fierce advocate for civil rights, gay rights, transgender rights and more. Warren has defended her positions with a fire and passion that few politicians have, so much so that she was silenced recently by the Senate for speaking out against Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.

Warren’s silencing has been a topic of intense debate over the past few days. People still seem to be confused on whether or not Warren had the right to actually speak out against the Attorney General nominee, or if her words were necessary. However, as the Senate was in fact debating the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Warren’s words were not unnecessary or inappropriate in the slightest; in fact, it was her right to speak out against Sessions’ nomination.

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Regardless of how you align politically, or how you feel about Warren’s views on the issues, a few things remain clear: Elizabeth Warren is tough. She is fierce. She is a fighter. She does not back down from her opponents, and she fights with dedication to accomplish what is right, despite what her counterparts think. She does not back down when people fight against her. Warren’s silencing by her opponents has only shown that her cohorts can’t handle the truth of her words, and will do anything to shut down a woman who boasts immense intelligence and experience in political situations. In the words of Warren herself, “they can shut [her] up, but they can’t change the truth”.

Warren’s fiery dedication to upholding the truth and ensuring equality and fundamental rights are only small snippets of reasons why she is a role model for women everywhere. She is a person of immense political power, one who does not back down and refuses to be silenced even when all are against her. Her dedication to her job and her passion to uphold equality are inspirational for all women; you must not back down, even when everyone is against you.

Warren knew the potential risk of her words, and she spoke up anyway. She knew the potential backlash she would face, and she did not care. She stood in the face of injustice and did not back down. She knew that she may be silenced.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

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