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Why Donald Trump Isn’t What Worries Me Anymore

President Donald Trump has been the subject of immense news coverage as of late. Turn on any TV, pick up any newspaper, listen in on any news station – Donald Trump’s face, brand and ideologies are plastered everywhere. While many people are still hyping up every decision that Trump makes, and heavily berating or lauding him for any decision he makes, I personally have decided I just do not care about his presidency anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still very worried for the future of our country. Electing Donald Trump was, to me, a warning sign of the immense hatred and prejudice that still exists in every corner of the United States. However, even being the “raging liberal” that I am, and despising President Trump with every fiber of my being, I’ve simply decided not to let it bother me anymore.

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I will continue to fight fervently for what is right. I will continue to proclaim my beliefs and advocate equal rights for everyone and speak up against injustices. Donald Trump has already shown his true colors; he has shown that he is critically inept at his presidential duties, resorting to name-calling and ridiculous accusations against the Obama administration. His decisions in office will not be so critically revolutionary that everyone in the United States will lose their rights, and that life as we know it will cease to exist. He will be checked and balanced. Many of his radical ideas simply won’t pass. So, I just don’t care about his presidency anymore.

What I do care about, however, is the quality of life for everyone in the United States for at least the next four years. I am privileged enough to be a white woman who experiences little in the way of prejudice and hatred simply for who I am. However, my position as a woman and a member of the LGBT community leads me to want to fight against injustices, and ensure equality and happiness for every citizen of the United States.

So, while I do not care about Donald Trump’s presidency anymore, due to his extreme lack of knowledge in holding the position, and already displayed ineptitude to hold the office, I care about the implications of his presidency. I am terrified for women, people of color and LGBT+ individuals. The next four years are going to be tense and heavy for anyone who is “lesser” in the current eyes of the law, and those are the people I care about. I care about refugees who may be barred from the country. I am empathetic to women who may feel their rights stripped away, and are forced to fight for equality even further. I am scared for the POC who may feel unsafe walking outside because of prejudices rampant in our society. I am terrified for the quality of life in the United States, and I will always and forever fight for what is right.

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But no, I don’t care about Donald Trump anymore. Caring about him gives him too much credit. I disagree with every aspect of his presidential campaign, and I despise his attitudes toward running this country. But, instead of caring about him, I will fight back against injustice. Fighting back is a better use of my time than hating someone who we already know will not change his ways. 

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