Who Are The Merry Hoopsters?

Every Thursday at 11 am, Cal Poly’s Dexter Lawn comes alive! Almost every student has a class break from 11-12 on Thursdays for University Union hour. But not all of the fun activities are just in the UU… Dexter Lawn is also bustling with fun and excitement during that time. A lot of that energy is due to the large group of hula-hoopers that come to Dexter to play music, dance and have a great time.

This group of of hula-hooping lovers are all part of an officially registered Cal Poly club called the Merry Hoopsters. This club was started four years ago to create a home for people who hooped or were interested in learning the art of hula hooping.

Four-year member, Amanda Alvarez, joined the Merry Hoopsters as a freshman to continue her love for hooping that began back in her hometown. She didn’t know anyone when she joined but felt comfortable just showing up to hoop by herself. She was quickly welcomed into the Merry Hoopster community and is now a key member of the club.

Alvarez explained the Merry Hoopsters as a community that is “less about being a club and more about like-minded people coming together and having fun with each other.”

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Sophomore Ruthie Matassarin is also a committed Merry Hoopster member. She heard about the group at the club showcase her freshman year and was immediately drawn to their booth. Matassarin saw their nice rug and cute journal at the club fair and said to herself, “Wow, these people are cool!”

Matassarin explained everything that a beginning hooper needs to know about hoops. The Merry Hoopsters have hoops available for use every week, but some members bring their own as well. For beginners, the most common type of hoop is thicker (¾), untaped toop. Thicker hoops are heavier and easier to learn on, while untaped hoops are better for practice because you can throw them around and not worry about ruining the decoration.

There are also thinner (⅝) hoops for more advanced hoopers. In addition to untaped hoops, there are taped and reflective hoops that have colored or shiny tape covering the tubing. Most hoops are sanded or have grip tape on the inner rim to make them easier to hold and hoop with.

The Merry Hoopsters meet weekly to hoop on the grass and enjoy being in each other’s presence. They also put on an event every quarter called Dex Fest. This event happens on Dexter Lawn and includes live bands, good vibes and a lot of hoops! Look out for next quarter’s Dex Fest and come on by to join the fun!