Which Type of Summer Student Are You Really?

For some, summer is a time for relaxing, adventuring, and wandering around Costa Rica or Australia. For others, summer is a time for job-searching and saving money. For many, it is a time for both.

Her Campus came up with three main types of summer students–productive, chill and a hybrid: chilluctive. Which one are you and what does it say about your personality?

  1. Productive Summer Student

You seriously love getting sh*t done. You don’t see the point of sitting around all day. You will gladly attend summer classes. You are more than willing to work full-time during summer. You’ve probably already started looking for potential post-grad employers. You’re always one step ahead of yourself and always preparing for the future. People likely admire your diligent work ethic (and maybe you intimidate them a little sometimes). Chances are you put yourself down if you go one or two days without being productive. But why shouldn’t you? Life is about setting goals and constantly working towards them.

  1. Chill Summer Student

For you, summer is a well-earned break. You work hard throughout the school year, and these three months are your time to enjoy freedom from responsibilities. You love going on adventures just as much as you love lazing around, which is why traveling is perfect for you. You suffer from wanderlust. People probably compliment your relaxed perspective of life. Chances are you are not much of a worrier and are extremely well-liked. Life is about enjoying, well, life.

  1. Chilluctive Summer Student

You are the epitome of the phrases “work now, play later” and “work hard, play hard.” You enjoy the balance of getting things done and rewarding yourself with parties, travel time, spending an entire day watching Bob’s Burgers and trying to decide which character you most identify with, or any sort of peaceful activity. You feel yourself going crazy if you spend an entire day being productive without relaxing, or vice versa. Chances are your summers are spent working 30-40 hour weeks for a couple months, with a few days or weeks off to unwind. Life is about maintaining a constant balance.

Who will you be this summer?