What to Look Forward to For Valentine’s Day, Whether Single or Taken

Department store shelves are now packed with chocolates, flowers, and decor, reminding us that the upcoming holiday of love is around the corner: Valentine’s Day. With the coming of this celebration, it is easy to feel the pressure to find a valentine, or to let people in your life know how much you love them. Although Valentine’s Day has a reputation for either love or loneliness, we hope to share with you little moments that are special about Valentine’s Day.

  1. 1. Count Those You Love


    Remember to count how many people you have in your life that you love. 

    Though Valentine’s Day emphasizes romantic relationships, take a moment to count all the friends and family in your corner.


  2. 2. All the Chocolate and Flowers are for you, too.

    valentine heart candies

    Who says you need a significant other in order to buy chocolate and flowers? Do yourself a favor and eat the chocolate. 

  3. 3. Valentine’s Day is all About Love!

    man and woman on bikes at sunset

    Isn’t that just the sweetest thing? We have a holiday that celebrates something as joyous as love! 


  4. 4. Galentine’s Day

    flowers and book on bed

    Go out to dinner or watch a cute romantic comedy with your pals. Enjoy each other’s company! 

  5. 5. Heart-Shaped Pizzas

    pizza slice pulling from whole pizza

    Name a better duo.


  6. 6. Red and Pink 


    Who doesn’t love when department store isles are packed with everything from dishware to candles to placemats in red and pink? 

  7. 7. Valentine’s Day Cards

    Red Roses Heart Cookie

     There’s nothing like the sweet sentiments inside a Valentine’s Day card for your loved ones. Reading the cards softens our hearts! 

Ultimately, it’s about your perspective. Yes, it’s true that Valentine’s Day may be cheesy, or not for you, or easy to make fun of. However, you can choose how to tackle this holiday! Enjoy the Instagram memes, write some sappy cards, cuddle with your pets, and hug your friends! We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day around people you love!