What the #HCCP Women Wore for Halloweekend

Ah, Halloween—or “College Kid Christmas” as I’ve heard it called. This year we had the unique (every seven years?) experience of having the mischievous holiday on a Friday, resulting in one highly-anticipated Halloweekend. We may be too old for trick or treating, but we will never be too old for playing dress-up.

Halloween may have come and passed already, but I thought we would share some of the getups the ladies of HCCP (and some of their gal pals) donned this year—it may have in fact been pouring rain, but that didn’t dampen our spirits!

1. Our lovely editor-in-chief Aja (left) went with a classic: Sandy from Grease, post-makeover of course.

2. Alanna (left) went with a TV phenom as an inmate from Orange is the New Black; Cecilia (right) went with movie—and literary—phenom Katniss Everdeen.

3. Dakota showed some vintage flair as 60’s mod icon Twiggy.

4. Davis dressed as bacon. ‘Nuff said.


5. My roommate Laura channeled her dark side as Wednesday Addams. The blank expression and Shining-esque hallway shot up the creepiness in the best way.


5 ½. For night 2 of Halloweekend Laura went all out as a flapper. Cigarette holder, pearls, headdress—the works!

6. With a trendy haircut like that, Kayla (left) had no choice but to be Miley Cyrus; her hoops and jersey perfectly channel Miley’s look in the “23” music video.  Her buddy Ali went with the tried-and-true black cat.

6 ½. Once just wasn’t enough—for Halloweekend round 2 Kayla dressed like infamous Miley a la the VMA’s. Her friend was the perfect patriot as the Statue of Liberty.

6 ¾. With three costumes, Kayla (far right) wins Most Halloween Sprit. For her third costume she put a twist on the generic cat getup and added body-paint stripes for a tiger costume. Fellow feline Ashlee (left) was a lion; Ali (center) went as a Hogwarts student. Go Gryffindor!

7. Kelsey went old school with a Rosie the Riveter getup. Props for werkin’ the “together we can” pose.



8. Nikki painted with all the colors of the wind as Pocahontas; the bare feet show commitment!

9. What a festive bunch! From left to right we’ve got: Megan as Ana from Frozen, Sam as another Wednesday Addams, Avity as Death (what a chipper reaper), and Kaitlyn as a Star Trek red-shirt.


10. Megan also knew you can’t go wrong with a classic like Sandy from Grease; it’s just a costume that makes you think, you’re the one that I want.


11. C’est moi as a cat burglar. Get it? I have cat ears, like, you know, a cat. The striped shirt, mask, and money bag (which I made as a functioning purse, thankyouverymuch) make me a burglar. Put it together—cat burglar! Get it now?

Well, I thought it was clever.

Happy belated Halloween everybody! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloweekend. Now that we’re done with skimpy costumes we can finally start bulking up for winter…

See you in seven years for the next Halloweekend, collegiettes!