Want to Make Someone Like You? Here's How in Only 5 Steps

We’ve all been there – you meet someone new and immediately fall into the pit of despair (AKA crushing hard). Suddenly you’re getting ready for a first date with your potential love interest and you panic. What if it all goes wrong? How do you greet them? What do you wear? Do you tell them about your love for three-legged animals or is that just weird? The first step to success is to relax. Then read these tips on how to get that crush locked down.

1. Show your date that you’re a funny person

No, this does not mean plan out six different jokes about baseball because Chad plays baseball. You’re perfectly funny all on your own. If you want to make a pun about Julius Caesar and the caesar salad on the menu, go for it. Don’t stress yourself out worrying about coming off as lame or strange. You’re hilarious and fun and if Chad doesn't agree, he can go play baseball on his own. But most likely, he’ll enjoy getting to know the real you and laughing at your menu puns together.

2. Wear the right clothes

It’s common sense to dress to impress. But your date isn’t the one you should be impressing. The only person you should dress for is yourself. It doesn't matter if Jacob’s favorite color is blue. If you hate the one blue dress you have but love your five different pink shirts, wear a pink shirt. You look flawless.

3. Have your hair and makeup done correctly

And correctly means that every time you see your reflection in a window, you feel proud and know you did a good job. Your date will not notice whether you went with your Naked or Too-Faced palette, so use your favorite one that makes you feel your best. If you always wear your hair in a ponytail, keep wearing it in a ponytail. You shouldn't suddenly feel forced into curling your hair if you hate plugging in your wand.

4. Order the food you want, not what your date expects you to order

You’re expected to order food that you like and want to eat. Please do not order a tiny salad or little cup of soup just because you don’t want to seem like a big eater or you’re scared of picking up a sandwich and accidentally dumping its contents onto your lap. Eat whatever you want. If you’re hungry for a rack of ribs, get those ribs. Challenge your date to a rib eating contest. They’ll appreciate your competitive nature.

5. Let them make the first move

If you’re playing chess and it’s their turn, that is. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter who does what first. If you want to hold their when you’re walking back to the car, hold their hand. If you want to kiss them goodnight, go for it. If you want to be the first to say it isn’t working out, the world is your oyster. What might feel like coming on too strong actually just shows you’re confident in yourself, just as you should be.

Now you're ready for that date! Have fun, be safe and follow these simple tips to have the best first date on your life (hopefully!).