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The Ultimate Guide to Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate. So what better to celebrate than how our college friends become our second family? Not only are they with us through it all— the normal, the great and the heartbreak – they can be whatever you need. Twenty-first birthday coming up? They’ll make you the perfect sign. Looking for a study partner, carpool buddy, SLODOCO run companion? They’ve got your back! So let’s raise a toast to our squad, friendsgiving style.

1. Plan ahead

You don’t need us to tell you know hectic everyone’s schedules can be. WIth midterm season in full swing and final projects making an appearance, make sure you let your friends know with plenty of time to add it to their Google calendar.

2. Dress up

Because let’s face it, you’re always looking for an excuse to throw a theme party in college. Go Thanksgiving-traditional and get dressed up or rock your own twist! It’ll make the day feel extra special.

3. Know who’s bringing what

While you can never have too much pie, five bowls of stuffing could put a damper on your chow-down. Establish who is bringing what, and make sure you have at least one brave soul willing to carve the turkey. 

4. Account for dietary restrictions

You already know everything about your crew so this one should be easy. Have options for that one friend who thinks green beans are too stringy and the other one who refuses to touch anything pumpkin flavored. In need of some ideas for options? Pinterest has every vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free alternative you could ever dream of!

5. Make it your own!

The whole point of friendsgiving is that it’s about you and your squad. Does your group never miss Taco Tuesday? Swap the cranberry sauce for a bowl of salsa. Do you all get really competitive over your fantasy league? Have an annual touch football tournament while the turkey cooks!

6. Really appreciate the moment.

One of the things that makes college so special is that it’s fleeting. Take this chance to focus on each other without midterms or jobs stressing everyone out. Make it a challenge for everyone to keep their phones on silent and in their bags until the end of the dinner.

Lexi is a fourth year Sociology major and Ethnic Studies minor at Cal Poly SLO. She is a big fan of frequent flier miles, hiking, black tea, and Giants baseball. She is also proud to be a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus. 
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